Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Archivist: Alice Cooper - From The Inside

Now we all have those moments where we have seen something and thought WOW!!! In my musical life, I have had a few of these. The first Top of The Pops appearances by The Smiths, Boy George, Marc Almond and the very first Alice Copper, way back in 1972 with School’s Out. What an anthem for every school kid all over the world. After this explosive debut in the UK, Alice went on to have a string of hits, Elected, No More Mr Nice Guy & Hello Hurray.

With hit albums, Schools Out, Billion Dollar Babies, Killer, Welcome To My Nightmare, Alice was on a roll. He was a big global star with sell out tours and hit albums. But Alice was harbouring a dark secret. His alcohol abuse. The amount he drank during these years is now the stuff of legend and with mates like Keith Moon, it was easy to see how he fell into this way of life. God, he even went disco in 1977 with the album Lace& Whisky.

However, it came to a point where Alice had to go into rehab. So he signed himself into a sanatorium in New York. He came out sober and used his experiences in the sanatorium to create one of the best albums of his career. Now everybody knows of the rocking Alice but this album showed a different side to his music. He enlisted the help of Elton John’s lyricist Bernie Taupin and bandmates Dee Murray & Davey Johnston to create the album. Alice used the people he met and the situations he experienced in rehab to tell the story. Now Alice has always been able to write a killer ballad,
(See Only Women Bleed as an example)

 and the lead-off single for From The Inside was also another killer ballad. How You Gonna See Me Now

The album opens with From The Inside

But Alice could still rock it out when required and the album includes one of his best rockers in years.

The success of From The Inside reenergised Alice, although a wait of three years for his next album, Flush The Fashion, didn’t help, although he did have the monster single and album with Trash in 1989 which spawned the monster worldwide smash Poison, with the help of hit songwriter & producer Desmond Child.

But I always go back to From The Inside as the album where we got to glimpse the Real Alice Cooper. If only for a second.

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