Monday, 14 October 2013

Albums of 2013 - Zervas & Pepper - Lifebringer

I came across Zervas & Pepper last year when researching Welsh Bands. I immediately went out and purchased their first cd Somewhere in the City. Hailing from Cardiff, the duo of Paul Zervas & Kathryn Pepper produce some beautiful music. Influenced by the Laurel Canyon set with the likes of CSN, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and all of the West Coast musicians, Somewhere.... blended the voices of Paul & Kathryn together with beautiful music to soothe the furrowed brow.

So it was in anticipation that I waited the release of second album, Lifebringer. I wasn't disappointed. Building on the sound of their debut Z&P have produced another album of glorious harmonies and sunshine. The already released Jerome & Sure Fire Bet are a good indication of the album's tone. Their song writing has progressed to include some songs of a darker tone, which produce a more varied and consistent album. If you love any of the West Coast artists of the 70s, then you'll love Lifebringer.

Lead single is Jerome

Twitter - @zervaspepper

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