Monday, 28 October 2013

Thank You For The Music: Lou Reed

Lou Reed     March 2nd 1942 - October 27 2013
Being a child in the 60s, my first memory of Lou Reed was Walk On The Wild Side. Back in 1973, I had no idea what he was singing about but like everyone else of my age I loved the groove of the song. Especially the bass line.
When I was more aware of music in the mid 70s, I knew the power of Transformer  & Coney Island Baby and the influence of Bowie on his career.
It was only much later - probably in the 80's, that I started to look into the Velvet Underground. I enjoyed this era much more than his solo work. The urgency, the experimentation. I could now see the influences on bands such as Talking Heads.
we will have tons of plays of early Velvets & Transformer era Lou but I'm going to leave you with my favourite solo Lou Reed record, one which I have found myself humming consistently since first hearing it back in the mid 80s. Lou gets happy :) So unfashionable but I like it. RIP Lou XXX


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