Monday, 14 October 2013

Albums of 2013 - John Fullbright - From the ground up

I first heard John Fullbright on the great show Bob Harris Country radio show, where he played his song, Moving. Like a lot of the stuff Bob plays, it seemed an age before the album was released in the UK but it was well worth the wait. Coming from Oklahoma, this is John's debut album and you rarely hear such confidence both in songwriting and delivery on a first album. Especially from such a young man. With tracks like Moving, Jericho and All The Time in the World, John has delivered a strong set of songs with a bluesy, country feel - exactly as you'd expect Americana to be.



  1. Love this album Nick.
    The raunch is great but I particularly like the hymnic 'Nowhere to be Found'.
    I hear that his live album is a cracker too...

  2. Must admit I was tempted with Live but other things are taking priority.