Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Albums of 2013 - Danni Nicholls - A Little Redemption

Well, has anyone heard of Pledge Music? It's a site where the public can pledge money for artists to produce work - such as music, film, books, lots of stuff really. While looking through the site I came across Danni Nicholls. So after a bit of research I decided to pledge to help her make her album. By pledging, it gave access to her work as she went through the process of recording the album. She posted updates and videos. Recorded in Nashville, the album is a collection of great songs with an obvious Country/Americana feel. She has used some top notch musicians and Nashville recording studios to produce a lovely album. and I received some great stuff as part of the Pledge process. It's a great way to support artists achieve their goals and I would recommend it. I currently have 3 albums waiting to be released as part of my Pledges.


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