Tuesday, 29 October 2013

INDISPENSABLE: Clubhouse Records

I remember back in the 1970’s that record labels were often havens for music loving listeners. You could identify yourself with a label. Labels such as Asylum, Elektra, Charisma, ECM & Mute. Labels that you could trust to give you brilliant, classic, quality & innovative music.  I haven’t come across a label in which every artist had been hand-picked to give that sort of quality and attention to detail since Windham Hill. Well, not until now.


Back in 2012, I came across a band called The Dreaming Spires after listening to a Bob Harris Show. I did a little bit of investigation and found they were on the Clubhouse Records label. I did not know such a label existed anywhere in the UK. They had a website, so I took a look. Upon further investigation, I started listening to all the other artists associated with the label. Lo and behold, I enjoyed every one.

Formed back in 2010 by a group of musicians, they reside in rural Buckinghamshire and support a small but quality stable of artists. The label is run by Tristan & Danny Tipping with help from family & friends. It is a label run by people who love music FOR people who love music.

Last year alone they have released 4 albums by the artists Leeroy Stagger, Troubadour Rose, The Cedars & Case Hardin. Every one is worthy of a place in my top albums of 2013. Music of Quality & Distinction.

The quality of the music released has continued into 2014 with the releases so far of the new album by Paul McClure - Smiling From The Floor Up and the new Redlands Palomino Company album - Broken Carelessly.

Clubhouse Records also produced a great tribute to the Bruce Springsteen Nebraska album where the artists used a 4 track tape recorder, exactly as Bruce had used in his recording.

New signings for 2015 include Don Gallardo & Cale Tyson - direct from Nashville.

So, if you’re in the market for some quality Americana, Alt-Country, and Roots & if you’ve never heard of Clubhouse Records or its artists, it’s time to seek them out. They're lovely people who care about music and their followers. Oh,and tell them Macwood sent you.
On Twitter - @ClubhouseUK

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