Thursday, 17 October 2013

Albums of 2013 - Prefab Sprout - Crimson/Red

The rumours had been rife all year. There was even a leaked bootleg - The Devil Came A Callin'. But the cries of the enlightened could be heard across the land when the imminent arrival of Crimson/Red was announced.
Could it be true? Could Paddy be finally coming out of his slumber for a new release? Would it be a Paddy McAloon or a Prefab Sprout release. Did Paddy still look like God? So many questions to be answered.
Well, the rumours proved to be true. Crimson/Red - named after Mark Rothko paintings, has arrived in all it's blazing glory. Recorded over an 18 month period, it draws on the Paddy McAloon song archive and delivers Paddy's best album for years. I say Paddy's album because it is a solo album, with all instruments played by Paddy. It has the comfortable feel of all the previous Prefab Sprout albums, the Guitars, Keyboards, Synths, Fake Harmonica etc. And of course, Paddy's fabulous voice.
There is no better songwriter in the UK than Paddy McAloon. And he has chosen some gems to record for this album. So do yourself a favour and just go and buy it.

Oh, and does Paddy still look like God? Judge for yourself :)
Prefab Sprout - The Best Jewel Thief In The World
Prefab Sprout - Billy
hear Paddy talk about the new album here :)


  1. This was such a pleasant surprise. Not just in the fact that it exists at all , but also in how good it was. I was a tad disappointed in Lets change the world. Not only in the production but I just thought as a collection the songs weren't his best and can see why CBS/Kitchenware passed. The songs on Crimson Red are fantastic and much closer in the style to Protest Songs which is the lp this reminds me of he most. Still missing Neil conti's drumming though

    1. Imagine the wealth of classic material that lies within the McAloon loft. Was interested to learn he records all his ideas on cassettes :) I've got a few he can have if he wants to pop down to get them. Or I could always take them up personally :)

    2. Agree, Conti a fantastic drummer. Where is he now?

    3. He is on Facebook Trev. Why don't you ask him :)

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  3. Regardless of his hardships, Paddy is too witty to be maudlin. 'Billy' is my current favourite song on the album, maybe of the year so far. "Her smile is like a fairground, I'm basking in the glow' is heartbreakingly humble, brilliantly simple. Euphoric, resigned and kind of melancholic all in the same, sweet spoonful.
    "Trumpets come, trumpets go, it's amazing what gets left out in the snow." is genius; as willfully obtuse as "someone left a cake out in the rain..." He's clever is Paddy: reverential and referential...
    I've missed him.
    It's great to have him back in the room.
    I'm basking in his glow...

  4. Billy is my fav - although the lyrics to adolescence just steal it
    Adolescence whats it like
    its a psychedelic motorbike
    you smash it up 10 times a day
    and walk away

    its greeting card
    its will the bard

    its a song I sang
    and then forgot
    too long ago

    Feelings I have with a 12 year old son but beautifully expressed universal truths