Wednesday, 23 October 2013

LIVE: Danny & The Champions @ The Chattery Swansea

I've been lucky enough to be at a lot of great gigs this year - but a special mention must go to Danny & The Champions of the World. They came all the way down to sunny Swansea to play a very intimate gig in The Chattery. A small but 'in the know' crowd were treated to a blistering performance from the boys. They split the set into two halves.

We were treated to several songs from the new album, Stay True and lots of songs from the previous incarnations of The Champs. The new sings took on a new dimension live with more rocky & rootsy versions of the songs from the albums. They extended many of the songs too with great effect. The songs from Stay True were especially suitable to this treatment. They ended with a fantastic version of These days. I hope they release a live album of this tour - if only for the fans who attended the shows on this tour, as the guys are on great form and the treatments of the songs deserve to be heard by a wider audience. Can't wait to see them again.

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