Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Albums of 2013 - Jason Isbell - Southeastern

I'll be honest - I first heard of Jason Isbell as a member of the band Drive By Truckers but they never really floated my boat back then (maybe time for a reassessment). But Bob Harris has been playing tracks from this album on his show for what seems like all year but was actually a few months.

The first time I heard Travelling Alone I was hooked. The album is a good mixture of upbeat songs (video 8) and good old downbeat melancholia. Keeping it relatively simple in terms of instrumentation and delivery, Jason has delivered a mature album which should appeal to anyone who likes Americana, or the singer/songwriter genre. The highlight for me is Elephant. A tough song. Give it a listen, most of the songs are on Youtube.



  1. I admire the austerity of 'Elephant'.
    A whiff of Carver in the grim, hard eyed observations...

  2. Seems to be a thread running through the albums this year. Could it be a sign of the Times or your influence? Where's the Village People when you need them? We need to lighten the mood :)

  3. Ha! I'm intense but cuddly Nick.
    You need to be... malleable Macwood, otherwise, how would I get into the corners?

  4. Actually listening to Earth Wind and Fire as I write.
    Is that better?
    Also got some Jake Thackery lined up. Cannot beat bit of 'Sister Josephine' or the immortal 'Bantam Cock'!

  5. That's a nice eclectic mix and I'd expect nothing less from you Trev :)