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Tools Of The Trade: Rickenbacker Guitars

This is the first in a series of the instruments and technology that have made a significant contribution of music as we know it today. First off is MY favourite guitar - the Rickenbacker, in it's 6 and 12 string variety. I'm not going to give the full history of the guitar - that an be found on the website at the end of the page but more of a tiny tribute as to the impact the guitar had on various songs and bands throughout the last 6 decades. The Rickie became popular in the 1960s, where bands such as The Beatles & The Byrds introduced us to their chiming sounds. John Lennon used a 325 on most of the Beatles records and George Harrison used the now classic 360/12 12 string version. Roger McGuinn also used a 360/12 on most of The Byrds best known songs.

These sounds of the Rickenbacker then prompted other 60s bands such as The Who and then later Creedence Clearwater Revival to go out and use the instruments.

In the 70s, the best known exponent of a Rickenbacker was Paul Weller of The Jam. And Bruce Foxton also used, almost exclusively, a Rickenbacker bass.

The Americans were not to be left out and Rickenbacker found homegrown guitar heroes in Tom Petty & Mike Campbell from The Heartbreakers

And Rickies popped up on some great songs too.

The 80s found another guitar hero reaching for a Rickie.

And another of the biggest bands of the 80s found a use for one in their sound

Another of the best bands of the last 60 years also relied heavily on the Rickenbacker sound.

And it wasn't only the boys who were seduced by the power and sound of a Rickie

So, let's get technical

And at the source of these glorious sounds

We can come up to date with some of the new bands who are currently using Rickenbackers, one being the excellent Dreaming Spires.

And that giant of the 4001 stereo bass - Mr Chris Squire of YES

Oh, and you may recognise this little Rickenbacker heavy tune.

One day, Santa might be kind and deliver me a Rickenbacker. But until then, I'll just revel in the bands giving me their chiming & jangly best.

But let's leave the last word to The Dreaming Spires & get right up to date 

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