Tuesday, 10 December 2013

New To Me: 2013: Co-Pilgrim & Pelotons

Earlier in the year I was listening to the Bob Harris Show on Saturday night and I heard a track called A Fairer Sea. It was by a band called Co-Pilgrim.
So, I checked them out via their webpage. As it turns out, Co-Pilgrim is Mike Gale. And together with a few friends set about making the album, A Fairer Sea. It turns out that Mike is just a bit of a Dennis Wilson fan. Now students of my blog will know that I do hold old Dennis in a bit of high esteem, so any fan of Dennis' is worth investigating. With this in mind I bought the album. And what a lovely package it is. Dripping with harmony and lovely music. You can certainly tell the influence of The Beach Boys but Mike has ploughed his own path and created a beautiful record.
It's kind of Americana with a beach boys influence. I can tell why a couple of those Dreaming Spires boys have got involved as it has that Americana/Country sound.
Not content with producing one of the loveliest albums of the year, Mike Gale has also started another musical project with Finnish songstress Tina Karkinen called Pelotons. They have created a lovely Lo-Fi sound with a haunting quality. The have an EP called Burrows being issued very soon and have put up some music on Soundcloud. So go and check them out.

Twitter - @copilgrim


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