Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Archivist: Buddy Holly - Buddy Holly Lives

Of all the old school rock & rollers, there was only really ONE that stood out for me. I know all the others were the pioneers, such as Jerry Lee, Little Richard, Eddie Cochran etc but the one that stood head and shoulders above all was Buddy Holly. For me he epitomised the era. And he was a superb songwriter. From the simple beginnings of Rave On & That'll Be The Day through to the sophisticated final recordings of True Love Ways & It Doesn't Matter anymore. I think the loss of Buddy has been the biggest loss to music. And that includes Jimi Hendrix. And he was only 22.
He influenced many a musician including The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan & Bruce Springsteen.
The song American Pie talks about Buddy's death as The Day The Music Died. Just what he would have gone on to produce, God Only Knows. But I, for one, would have loved to have been able to look back an astounding Buddy Holly career.
I've now seen the show BUDDY several times - the last time a few months ago and I never get tired of seeing it.
or the movie Buddy - starring Gary Busey who gave the performance of his career as Buddy
Buddy also had a huge influence on one of my favourite singers, Nanci Griffith. So I'll leave the last word to her.

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