Friday, 27 December 2013

Albums of 2013: Nick Capaldi - A Shade of Orange & The Golden Summer EP

One more album needs to be slotted into my Albums of 2013 list after repeated listenings over the past few months. And that it's by a young new artist gives me even more joy.

Nothing pleases me more than when I hear a great song by a young musician. Over the last 12 months, Nick Capaldi has released an album called A Shade of Orange & an EP called The Golden Summer. Both are excellent.

With a confident swagger and a sometimes retro 60s/mod sound, the album kicks off with Stanley Park Brigade.

It has a nice mix of influences including The Beatles and The Beach Boys and some softer moments too like the album closer 12:21

Nick is also being championed by the great Bob Harris on his show.

Nick has also released a stunning EP called The Golden Summer

He is proving to be a gifted songwriter with a good ear for a melody and has been influenced sonically the best.

And over Christmas Nick has been releasing some Christmas covers on his Facebook/Youtube pages

So, check him out and give him your support. The better side of young fellas producing new music.

Twitter - @NickCapaldi

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