Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Songs in the Key of MY Life: Coldplay - Fix You

OK, let me come right out and say it straight off. I LIKE COLDPLAY. There, I've said it. And, I'm not ashamed to say so.
Coldplay are probably the most maligned band to have come about in the last 20 years. They are often perceived to play SAFE rock music. To have below par lyrics and have predictable musical phrasing.
This is really unfair. OK, they aren't going to push any musical boundaries but Chris Martin & Co have given us some excellent songs since their first outing Parachutes. I always look forward to a new Coldplay album and although some of these may appear bloated & laden, they do contain some beautiful songs.
I remember hearing Fix You for the first time and it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The build up in the song is just fantastic and the harmonies at the end of the song are just sublime. So, no apologies. I LOVE this song. So there!!
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  1. I'm with you on this song Nick. I have followed the band slavishly since I first heard 'Yellow'. I even got the stadiumtastic bombast. My only reservation was that I had trouble connecting with them on a lyrical level. This is one of their few songs that resonates with me; not an original message, but a genuine attempt at connection. Vulnerability eh? We all love a wounded soul.