Wednesday 30 December 2015


If you are a music lover, there will always be a place for radio.

Gone are the days when your mates would come around to your house with their albums tucked under their arms ready to introduce you to this fantastic new band or artist they'd discovered. God, I miss those days.

The nearest thing we have these days is the radio. I don't mean the DJs who are only concerned with self promotion and opening their next supermarket or compiling their latest Ibiza mix cd. I'm talking about the kind of DJs who are more concerned with the music than themselves. People such as John Peel, Bob Harris or a name that might be new to you, Adam Wilson.

Adam Wilson presents a show called The Quiet Revolution - the name kind of speaks for itself - it's the quieter sounds of Folk, Americana, World and Blues music that Adam loves. And he shows this love every fortnight, on a Tuesday night at 10pm on Harborough FM. 

Adam Wilson with guest singer/songwriter Paul McClure

As I live in South Wales and could not pick up Adam's show on normal radio, I usually tune in via the internet or Tune In app on my phone.
It was on one of his shows early on this year that Adam played a track by Hungrytown. Once I'd heard it I rushed to find out more information immediately. I found their website and then ordered their first two albums via Amazon. 
I left their new album Further West to buy it directly from the duo as I also discovered they were touring and were playing a gig 5 miles up the road from my home. Result!

Hungrytown are Rebecca Hall & Ken Anderson - hailing from Vermont in the USA.

They are now three albums into their career together with the latest album Further West being released this year.

Rebecca & Ken play a delicious blend of acoustic based folk music with harmonies to die for. Often delicate, often reflective their music comes from the heart and the soul. Their latest album Further West is an album of journeys, journeys of the heart as well as the miles. Their harmonies are close knit as you could possibly be. 

I recorded this video of the performance I went to see earlier in the year. This was a very special gig indeed - they played with no amplification whatsoever and it was like having the duo in your front room, singing right in front of you. It was a magical evening.

All of the three albums - Hungrytown - Any Forgotten Thing and Further West are worthy of a place in your record collection.

And one final thing - Rebecca & Ken are two of the loveliest people out there - they come over t the UK every year - so seek out the show nearest to you and pop along to see them. You'll be most welcome and you'll have a fabulous evening of music to savour.

Twitter - @hungrytown

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