Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Albums Of 2015: Part 3

I had Great Expectations at the start of 2015 when I launched on this year's series of blog posts. For my Albums Of 2015, I was going to put up a post of each of my top albums of the year together with videos, pics, etc. As I have done in the past, but all over a few days at the end of the year. However, life and gigs got in the way this year so I will not have the time to give each album the attention I believe it deserves. Next year, it will be back to my normal postings of giving my albums of the year throughout the year, as they very rarely change. But this year - I will list the albums in FOUR parts - and THREE special posts. I have already put a few up which can be seen by clicking HERE. However - enough waffle - let's get started. Here's PART 3.

Danny & The Champions Of The World - 
What Kind Of Love

'The Best Live Band in the UK bring home the bacon yet again with a superb set of songs and with Danny Champ, one of the most charismatic front men in music'

Twitter - @Dannythechamp

Stornoway - Bonxie

'One of the best young bands in the UK - growing in stature with sophisticated songwriting and production deliver a gem of an album in Bonxie'

Twitter - @StornowayBand

Downes Braide Association - 
Suburban Ghosts

'YES & ASIA keyboard player Geoff Downes & Songwriter Chris Braide join forces to produce an AOR classic as Downes returns to his melodic pop roots. More hooks than a fishing tackle shop.'

Twitter - @asiageoff

Danni Nicholls - Mockingbird Lane

'Album number 2 from Danni Nicholls continues where debut A Little Redemption left off and adds even more of that authentic Nashville Country vibe'

Twitter - @DanniNicholls

David Corley - Available Light

'A debut release at age 53 is not your usual entrance into a career in music but with David Corley, it's been worth the wait. 53 years of experience distilled into one musical journey.'

Twitter - @DavidCorleyINDY

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