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Albums Of 2015: Special Mention - Clubhouse Records

I had Great Expectations at the start of 2015 when I launched on this year's series of blog posts. For my Albums Of 2015, I was going to put up a post of each of my top albums of the year together with videos, pics, etc. As I have done in the past, but all over a few days at the end of the year. However, life and gigs got in the way this year so I will not have the time to give each album the attention I believe it deserves. Next year, it will be back to my normal postings of giving my albums of the year throughout the year, as they very rarely change. But this year - I will list the albums in FOUR parts - and THREE special posts. I have already put a few up which can be seen by clicking HERE. However - enough waffle - let's get started.


I've made it no secret that Clubhouse Records is my favourite UK record label. 

But for one small independent label to come up with 4 killer releases in 2015 is truly astonishing.

I have already stated that both The Dreaming Spires and Don Gallardo are one of my albums of the year.

Joining those two brilliant records on my Albums Of 2015 list are

 The Rosellys - The Granary Sessions 

'Album number 3 by The Rosellys finds them in fine form. Led by Rebecca & Simon Rosellys who write all the songs, their authentic Americana/Country is born from years of touring the USA.
The album is produced by Alex Elton-Wall from another Clubhouse band The Redland Palomino Company.'

Twitter - @TheRosellys


Case Hardin - Colours Simple.

'This new work by Case Hardin is a cut above most of the Americana albums released this year. The band's songwriter Pete Gow has the soul of a poet and the spirit of a rocker as he leads the band through their strongest release yet'.

Twitter - @CaseHardin

Not only have Clubhouse released these 4 superb albums, they have signed American Country artist Cale Tyson and drawn together all of his initial EPs to release on an album Introducing Cale Tyson. Cale is set to release a new lp next year and a tour of the UK - so check him out.

Twitter - @caletyson

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