Sunday, 24 November 2013

My Album of 2013 - Miracle Mile - In Cassidy's Care

If there is one band (duo actually) that consistently produce quality albums time after time it is Miracle Mile.
Since the band first appeared back in the mid 90s and released their first album, Bicycle Thieves in 1997, they have produced some of the finest music by any band in the UK. Albums such as Glow, Alaska & Limbo have been havens of quality music and beautiful words over the past 16 years.

I don't write many reviews for Amazon but I did write one for In Cassidy's Care. It pretty much sums up the album.
''I will not go into the history of MM or the reason why they continue to remain undiscovered by the great British music buying public. There have been several changes since the last Miracle Mile album was released. Not that anything has changed within the Miracle Mile set up. We still have Trevor Jones, lyricist, guitarist and vocalist of such clarity it makes it a joy to be able to hear every word the man writes. And with him we have Marcus Cliffe, `The Scientist' or perhaps Alchemist, is the better word. The multi-instrumentalist, who wraps up the songs in their veils of contrasting colour and texture. Together they are a considerable force.

No, the changes come from within themselves and the outside world. Coming off the back of two well received solo albums, Trevor has set about building an album around a short story he has published. Yes, this album is a concept piece, music which follows a story. But not the type as you might find in it's 70s heyday, such as The Snow Goose or Olias of Sunhillow.

If Jake Bugg can be seen as a spokesman of his generation, then Trevor Jones could rightly claim the title for HIS generation. Here are songs of someone who has experienced life. Children, relationships, hope & regret all come under the insightful eye of Trevor Jones. This is an album FOR adults, written BY adults.

But although the album is about the relationship of a couple called Cassidy & Amelia, it could be about you and I and our respective relationships. Adults will recognise the range of emotions and experiences described by Trevor and hopefully, be moved.

But the album is a genuinely uplifting experience. You may shed a few tears of recognition along the way but Trevor always gives you hope.
To me, the album resonates with the sounds and references of the Beatles & Pet Sounds. In fact, Jog could be a Pet Sounds track for the 20teens.
Recorded at his own home studio, Norbury Brook, Marcus has kept with the traditional Miracle Mile sound to paint the pictures of the songs and sonically the album outshines any of its previous siblings.

The album is dripping with melody and songs from the heart and the mind.  Some of it is so simple and so effective the music will lodge itself in your mind and stay there. Take the title track for example.

So, let the story unfold around you and prepare to be dazzled by sublime songwriting and immaculate musicianship. It's like finally going out with that person you've fancied for ages and discovering that they were indeed as lovely as you thought they would be''

But don't just take my word for it. Check out the reviews.

Miracle Mile: 'In Cassidy's Care'

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  1. Thank you. Praise indeed from such a font of musical knowledge and - at the end of a year which offered up many tasty musical morsels - coming from a man who knows his onions; this has... erm... brought a tear to the eye...
    I'll be raising a glass of Penderyn to you tonight.
    Cheers Nick!

  2. With only one more album to go in my 2013 list, I thought it would be the ideal Christmas present for those who like quality music, so let's give them plenty of time to purchase. I can't put the last album up until December. As every contender came about they didn't quite match up to ICC. A couple came close but the overall quality of ICC shone out for me. I still can't get over how GOOD it SOUNDS. don't know how Marcus has set up his studio but by George he's got it right. Looking forward to hearing how To The Bone sounds compared to ICC. But it's been a pleasure to listen to and still gets played on a regular basis. I raise a glass of Penderyn to You & Marcus too, Trev. It's a great album.

  3. Thanks again Nick.
    I'm reaching for that Welsh amber nectar now...