Thursday, 28 November 2013

Album Artwork of 2013 - Stornoway - Tales of Terra Firma/You Don't Know Anything

Being an Ex-graphic designer and current painter, I do like a bit of good album artwork. I miss the days when you could get a whole album cover of design and gatefold sleeves etc. We now have to deal with CD covers and even MP3s with now artwork whatsoever.

Album art was the breeding ground of many a great designer and illustrator. Three being the amazing Roger Dean who designed most of the YES covers, Storm Thorgeson who was the founder of Hipgnosis who designed many of Pink Floyd's albums and Peter Saville who was the designer for the early Joy Division /New Order releases.

I miss the demise of the album cover art and I'm especially pleased when something catches my artistic eye. I could not let 2013 go without a special mention for the artwork for the two Stornoway releases this year. Also one/two of my Albums of 2013.

They have been designed by a lady called Kirini Kopcke. They really are gorgeous and illustrate the stories of the songs within the albums.

Kirini is also a painter and her artwork can be seen on her website below.


  1. And what's the album like Nick? I have their debut; play it a lot...
    Emily Baker's new one any good?

  2. The new album/s are excellent. Can't comment on Emily's new one as I haven't heard it yet. That was my mother's name.

  3. Just thinking, did you mean Emily Barker? Cos there's an Emily Baker too :)