Thursday, 21 November 2013

Live in 2013: The Temperance Movement

One of the great discoveries of this year has been The Globe in Cardiff. It's a tiny little venue that holds about 300 people (at a push) and is upstairs. According to my mate Robert Hurley, it used to be an old cinema. I have been to several gigs there this year before I started the blog but none so rowdy or raw as the gig by The Temperance Movement last week.

Now the rock scene has been crying out for a really great band who can reenergise the genre and with The Temperance Movement, I think they've found one.

But I must admit that I was especially looking forward to the support set by one Joshua James.

I was blown away by his set. Just Joshua, guitarist, bassist & drummer. He played a really passionate set and the crowd's reaction was nice to hear. He has released several albums and played tracks that covered most of the bases.

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Now the rock scene has been crying out for a really great band. . With The Temperance Movement, Rock has found a band who can re-energise the genre and will definitely pull in fans from right across the musical spectrum.

Live, the band have a swagger that few rock bands have at the moment but it can't be just be down  to attitude. They also have a great stage presence and some brilliant songs to go with it.

The band were really much too big for this tiny venue, they are going to go stellar very soon. In fact, Classic Rock Magazine voted them the best new band this year and I think the word is now out so the chances that they will ever play a gig of this size in the future is almost zero. So I feel privileged to have seen them in such an intimate venue. Next stop in Cardiff will surely be the Motorpoint Arena.

So if you get the chance to catch them live any time next year, then go, because the next time you'll see them in a couple of years time, they'll be pretty far away!!!

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