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Albums of 2014: Stone Foundation - To Find The Spirit

For any music fan out there, the advent of the Internet has been a Godsend. When I look back over the years when the only way to get any information about your favourite bands or music was either by listening to the radio of trawling through the various music press publications, I think how great it would have been to have the resources of the Internet way back when.

I remember going to various houses of friends and parties and discovering new music that way. Oh, those were the days. But now, with the internet there to help us, we have access to music from all over the world and a window into every possible musical genre you can think of. And probably many more besides.

Last year, I was introduced by a friend on Facebook to The Stone Foundation. 

I have always liked the Dexy's Soul Sound and these guys bring that sound right up to date.

Now four albums in, The Stone Foundation have grown to be a pretty formidable outfit. 

Comprising of Neil Jones - Guitar & Lead Vocals, Neil Sheasby - Bass, Vocals, Ian Arnold - Keyboards, Philip K Ford - Drums, Spencer Hague - Trombone, Lynn Thompson - Trumpet & Gary Rollins - Sax/Flute - they make a wonderful noise.

To Find The Spirit has been a few years in the pipeline but now it's here I can confidently say that it is an excellent record. There aren't that may good Soul bands out there at the moment (well, I haven't come across many) so it's great to have a band that play with passion and musical integrity.

The band really come into their own with their live performances and if you get a chance to see the band play live - then jump at the chance. Their sound fills the halls and the often extended nature of the songs brings a new dimension to their music.

photo courtesy of Allan McKay

The album features several 'guest stars' such as Soul vocalist Nolan Porter, Andy Fairweather-Low, Dexy's Pete Williams and Carleen Anderson all contributing their major talents to the album. The blend of Soul, Funk, Ska & Rock is a potent mix and produces a nicely varied album.

Indeed, you will also hear echoes of the great Soul sounds of Stax & Muscle Shoals in the music of The Stone Foundation.

bring back the happiness

Official videos for the two singles released so far can be found at the Youtube links below

Twitter - @stonefoundation 

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