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Albums of 2014: Robbie Boyd - So Called Man

OK, I admit it. I've been waiting a while for this one. 

Back last year, I came across this young man and his band by two rather tasty EPs called Painted Sky & Autumn's Flown. I bought the tickets was all set to see him live in Cardiff and illness forced me to miss the gig. I was gutted to say the least.

In a market that is oversubscribed with angsty singer /songwriters it was refreshing to hear a young man with an obvious lust for life and tunes to match. Songs that were not ashamed to be bright, breezy and designed to put a smile on your face rather than gaze at your navel.
Such as Autumn's Flown's Angel (not included on the album)

And also not included on the album, When I Believe

So Called Man kicks off with the upbeat Orion's Belt. This track pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the album. 'Where would we be without the bees', Upbeat and melodious it showcases Robbie's positive approach to life.

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Another great upbeat song is the lovely I Won't Let You Go, it's folk inspired harmonies and instrumentation sound like Mumfords on prozac. It's very catchy and infectious. Like the majority of the record.

You won't find the meaning of life in the songs but you will find mainly acoustic based songs played with a vitality and passion not heard enough these days. And several of the songs do have a story to tell.

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The songs will certainly put a smile on your face. It has been released at the perfect time and should certainly be part of your summer listening - exactly where it belongs.

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I guarantee you'll be dancing around the kitchen to songs like I Want You To Stay

The highlight for me is the lovely Less Than Friends, which by the way, has an equally lovely video to accompany it. One thing though, I wish Robbie would get the girl in at least ONE of his videos.

It would be one of my albums of 2014 just for putting a smile on my face but it's much more than that. I love it's positivity, harmonies and general joie de vivre. Which is needed in these austere time.

Indeed, I think this album should be available on the NHS it's so uplifting.

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