Sunday, 18 May 2014

New To Me: The Self Help Group

At the end of last year I came across an album that make my ears prick up.
It was called Not Waving, But Drowning. It's by a band called The Self Help Group.

I'd never heard anything about them before.

So I bought it. And it was excellent.

The Self Help Group are based in Brighton and consist of Mark Bruce who is singer, guitarist & songwriter together with Paddy Keeley on guitars, Ian Bliszczak on bass, Jamie Fewings on drums and sisters Sarah Natalie Wood & Clara Wood-Keeley on vocals.

Their music is a mix of Folk, Americana and maybe even a bit of Country. It's an eclectic and interesting mixture. Very much acoustic in flavour with guitars,banjo, tuned percussion, strings and beautiful harmonies. The harmonies bring to mind bands such as Fleetwood Mac and CSNY with ladies. 

Most of the songs on the album are based on stories. Not your usual June,Spoon,Moon fare.


It's a warm and welcoming record which deserves to reach a wider audience.

So if you're looking for something a bit different which is also a treat for your ears then you could do a lot worse than to give The Self Help Group a listen.

Twitter - @thegroupies


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  2. Oops..
    Finally get a chance to give these clips a proper listen on my old PC. Frustrating that the video links won't work on Ipad/Android devices...

    I've never heard of the Self Help Group. Very pretty stuff indeed. Glorious harmonies & instrumentation. Reminiscent of a wonderful group I'm sure you know... Hem, as well as one of my favorite "complete unknown" bands... Honeychurch. If you've not heard, give these a listen:

    Peter James Millson CD arrived in the mail today. Fast delivery from PJM himself, along with a nice thank-you note! Eager to give it a listen. Simone Felice on order, now I'm off to order Self Help Group... You're draining my bank account MF!!!
    2014... What a fantastic year for new music, isn't it?