Monday, 5 May 2014

New To Me: The Prefab Sprout Project

This is my biggest musical surprise of the year so far.

A group of fans set up a project to write and create music in the style of the great Prefab Sprout and Paddy McAloon. It is an homage and not imitation.

It contains songs written by fans and sung by Scott McPherson & Andrea Perry and various musicians provide the musical background.

These are NOT Prefab Sprout Songs but songs 'inspired' by Prefab Sprout. New songs.

Some of them are very good. All are at least interesting. I managed to get both of the cds.

Here are three videos of songs from the albums.

If you like Prefab Sprout or Paddy McAloon then check them out.


  1. Blimey! I'm not into 'copyists' but the spirit of Paddy lives. I like LOVE and WANDERLUST. The arch lyrics, spoken word soliloquy and melodic invention are spot on. Rim shot spot on!

  2. Everything about this makes we want to scream no.... but Wanderlust is great and the other 2 songs aren't shabby either.. The vocals are scary, a bit too close for comfort

  3. I remember this came up for discussion years ago somewhere... Cathedrals Of Sound? I'm surprised these folk are still at it!

    I know they say that "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", and I have to say that these guys have nailed it in spades, and I'm truly impressed. But at the same time, for those of us who worship St. Paddy, I find it more than a little creepy. Blasphemy I say!

  4. I know what you're all saying guys. I felt the same too. But as Paddy takes SO long to bring is his music. I'd rather listen to this than a tribute band. Is there EVEN a tribute band for Prefab Sprout??