Monday, 21 November 2016

ALBUMS OF 2016 - Part 2

Once again, I have found myself a victim of time as I count down my Albums Of 2016. I would love to give each one the page they deserve but time has beaten me to it. So I'm Afraid a list it will have to be. I'll try to do it in 4 parts. Sorry for being so shoddy - but I hope the quality will suffice :)


One of the best surprises of the year for this old Progger and many more besides. How they kept this quiet in the age of the internet, God only knows. But ex YES vocalist Jon Anderson & Swedish guitarist Roine Stolt have created such a beautiful album. From the opening harp sweeps and the first waves breaking onto the shore it brought tears to my eyes. Many viewed it as a 'Lost' YES album. I'm hoping it's the first of many Anderson/Stolt albums - just stunningly beautiful and uplifting. The perfect album for the post-election blues.


I'm not a fan of Rap - I find it too aggressive and self centered and very derivative. But, once in a while, something is released that just catches my attention. It took 16 years for the duo, The Avalanches to follow up Since I Left You, but it's been well worth the wait. Brimming with creativity and attention to detail, Wildflower is an album to immerse yourself in. And I guarantee it'll put a smile on your face.

Twitter - @TheAvalanches


How about a Folk Opera?? A ghost story told in song. Sound intriguing? It is. And it's a fabulously creative and original album. You won't hear anything like it released this year. Stunning songs, a selection of well chosen guest artists. 20 tracks of inspired music. So much I could say -  Just buy it.

Twitter - @paulmosley


and a treat from a forthcoming album - already in the bag :)

Peter James Millson has been prolific this year. Building on the success of his lovely debut album Sweet The Love That Meets Return, Peter has released another gorgeous slice of top quality introspective songs with The Red Cafe. Not only this, he has recorded another very special album with Boo Heweredine at the helm - now due for 2017. The Boy's on fire. So keep tuned Music Lovers.

Twitter - @pjmillson


Well, I didn't see this one coming. I've been a fan since the first single way back. But Believers has just blown me away. The best set of songs Ricky Ross has come up with for many a year. Believers is right up there with Raintown & When The World Knows Your Name. Plenty of Anthems and quieter moments too. Just Glorious.

Twitter- @deaconbluemusic @rickyaross

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