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Live in 2015: Blue Rose Code at The Convent, South Woodchester on Friday 20th November 2015

It was another trip to the splendid Convent in South Woodchester to catch Ross Wilson aka
 Blue Rose Code  perform a stunning set of songs old and brand new.

Ross is currently preparing to release his third as yet untitled album and was a perfect choice to grace this packed out Convent gig. Being broadcast live via the superb NETGIG service, Ross was joined by his drummer John Murray on Piano and Eliza 'Wrenne' Payne on vocals, as he led us through songs from his first EPs through to songs that'll appear on the new Blue Rose Code album.

And if song one is anything to go by - we're in for an absolute treat on album 3. It's a brave move to start a show with a new song - especially if people hadn't heard it but Ross, Eliza & John pull out all of the stops for the amazing In The Morning - a 10 minute blockbuster of a track. Ross sounds like a Scotttish Van Morrison as the track swoops and swirls like Van at his best. Indeed it would sit perfectly on Van's Common One  album.

The trio produce a lovely sound that compliments the production on the first two albums and shows the delicacy and vulnerability of the songs to greater effect.

With early album favourites such as One Day At A Time, Ross has chosen some gorgeous songs to compliment this gorgeous venue and the audience are soon clapping with appreciation.

The quality of the new songs that the Trio play are really very good and included a Bluesy take on Ross' latest single, Grateful.
Matt and his team at The Convent always put a couple of videos from the shows up on Youtube - here's Grateful from the night.

Like Wildfire and Come The Springtime from the debut album North Ten, sit perfectly in the evening's show in their stripped down form - one gentle and brooding, the other uplifting and life affirming about renewal.
 Another new song Sandaig, is a gentle, pastel shade of a song - but whether these newer songs retain tonight's glimmer and shimmer is yet to be seen on the final recorded release but tonight they sound gorgeous.

Ross turns to the American Poet, Robert Frost for his song Acquainted With The Night from his Julie EP, which slides beautifully into Silent Drums from his second album The Ballads Of Peckham Rye.

Ross states his favourite description of his music is like Marvin Gaye crossed with The Proclaimers - I can see where the reviewer was coming from but he's much more subtle than that. From Wester Ross To Novia Scotia from North Ten is a plaintive and wistful ballad and precedes another 'new' song from the forthcoming album - which turns out to be one of Ross' earliest songs called simply , Love. It's gentle and poetic and will pull at your heartstrings Music Lovers.

True ways Of Knowing takes on an upbeat makeover and leads into the next track - one of the show stoppers on Peckham - the sublime Edina, which is about Ross' hometown of Edinburgh in all it's nostalgic glory.

The evening has been a lovely mix of gentle and uplifting songs. Ross has proved what a great talent he is both as a songwriter and a performer. But we're not finished yet.

After the slow dance of Edina comes the jaunty and uplifting ode to London, the superb Whitechapel, track one of debut North Ten.

This is quickly followed by the uplifting love song Julie. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a perfect way to close a show.

But Ross has a bit more in the tank - the first of a two song encore was the brand new Polksdown Waltz (hope that's the correct spelling) where Ross is accompanied by John on Piano is truly moving. You'll find the video below.

The superb Ghosts Of Leith ends a fantastic show - with it's refrain that brings to mind Dylan's I Want You, it's a perfect song to end a perfect evening.

With the songs from album 3 sounding absolutely superb Ross can only go from strength to strength and is an artist that should be cherished. Heartfelt and vulnerable and not scared to wear his heart on his sleeve Ross has a special year ahead of him. Catch him if you can. Get the first two albums and look out for album 3 coming in 2016. You'll be glad you did.

all screenshots courtesy of The Convent & Netgigs - all other photos copyright Nick Baker

Twitter - @BlueRoseCode

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