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Live in 2015: Kenneth J Nash live at The Convent via NetGig on Thursday 17th September 2015

I first heard of Kenneth J Nash late last year when I managed to get hold of a copy of his new album - the sublime The Fall Of Eden. It just blew me away.

I haven't had the opportunity yet of seeing Kenneth 'live' in the flesh, so to speak, but I have caught a couple of performances on online broadcasts.

This latest broadcast was supplied by the guys at The Convent, which is fast becoming THE destination venue for performers wanting to come a bit further west. Based just outside Stroud, in the glorious Cotswolds, it's a beautiful venue.

It also has the added attraction of being able to broadcast a gig live over the internet via NetGig. For a small nominal charge, you get to see the gig live as it happens and is then available for the next 6 days. It's a brilliant way of seeing an artist and enjoying a show from the comfort of your own home.

They have had some excellent shows in the past year or so and have some superb shows lined up. You can check them out on the link below.

So Kenneth took advantage of this and broadcast his show live. And what a show it was.

His soft burr of a voice suited the venue perfectly and highlighted what an excellent songwriter he is. The Fall Of Eden is a beautifully produced record but in this show it was just Ken and his acoustic or electric guitar. Stripped back versions of the songs from the album sound exceptional.

Kenneth began the show with the song Head Over Heels. 

Ken played songs from several of his previous albums as well as from The Fall Of Eden and even took the opportunity of introducing some new new songs too.

The majority of Ken's songs come from various aspects of his life and observations and the delicate quality of the delivery can contrast beautifully the more dramatic content of the lyrics.

Next on the setlist were Tigers Aren't Tame and one of the highlight's of Eden, Carol Ann, a very moving song.

It's always a pleasure when an artist decides to introduce new songs into the set and Kenneth has come up with a beauty called A Rook & A Dove. Just stunning. And bodes well for the next album, if he decides to include it.

For me, the highlight of many highlights on The Fall Of Eden is the song, The Way That She Moved.   It's a beautiful song and Ken performs it to perfection tonight. He doesn't play it live very often but it's performance tonight was the highlight of tonight's set for me.

Another excellent new song Got To Go followed next. The guys at NetGig are doing an excellent job in relaying the show and the sound and images are crystal clear.

Gitaine, a song written with Ken's uncle, Keith, came up next quickly followed with another new song Like A River. The quality of Ken's new material really is excellent.

On The Fall Of Eden, the album conjures up Nick Drake, both in style and presentation and it is great to hear these songs exactly as Ken must have written them with just his guitar as accompaniment. 

The delicate Everytime We Fall and Take Me Home also highlight Ken's lovely vocals and guitar skills. He is quite some musician.

photo courtesy of Sarah Bayes

Another highlight of Eden comes next, Dignity, and the guys at NetGig/The Convent have released the video of the song so you can see for yourself exactly what the gig was like in terms of presentation and sound quality. 

Falling For You precedes the final song of the set, one of Ken's most popular songs, Slowburn.

But, always one for a challenge, Ken returns for an encore with another excellent new song, Another Flag. The quality of Ken's new material is just fantastic. Let's just hope he gets in the studio soon and gives us his next album asap.

It was a stunning evening and shows just what can be achieved with a great artist, a great venue and a sympathetic broadcast. 

I'e seen several of The Convent live broadcasts and each one has been excellent. So seek out Kenneth J Nash and The Convent. There are even more gorgeous things to come from both The Artist & The Venue.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Bayes

All other photos courtesy of The Convent & NetGigs

Twitter - @TheConventVenue

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