Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New To Me: King and Queen Of Sorry

I thought to start off 2015 I'd highlight something new that has come to my attention.

The King And Queen Of Sorry

Starting off as a duo back in 2012 - Kathryn Marsh (Vocals) and Rhod Williams (Guitar) started off playing a heady mix of acoustic pop, folk and Americana. 

Since those early days the band has expanded into a 5 piece which now includes Paul Rimmer (Percussion, guitar & Backing vocals) - Giz Davies (Piano, Guitar & Backing vocals) and Andy Davies (Bass).

They have just released their debut album. And a lovely thing it is, too.

Comprising of twelve tracks, their eponymous debut covers all the bases described above.

It opens with Open Door which kicks off the whole proceedings with a classy sway of Americana tinged folk/harmony.

How Long Is Forever continues the laid back feel with it's Laurel Canyon leanings with lovely harmonies and Kathryn's strong vocals to the fore.

Other highlights on this impressive debut include the piano led ballad World On Fire which brings to mind those Wilson sisters from the band Heart.

Traffic Lights with it's acoustic guitar and piano backing sounds like a folky Fleetwood Mac - not a bad thing in this man's book.

If you happen to be a fan of bands such as Zervas & Pepper then you WILL find music on this album you'll enjoy.

The album concludes with the lovely Sail Away, which again brings together some lovely piano and acoustic guitar and glorious harmonies.

All 12 tracks are worthy of a place on the album.

So, why not make this your first purchase of 2015 - if you like acoustic folk rock then you'll enjoy this album.

The album can be downloaded here

or through Amazon & iTunes

or contact the band if you'd like the cd version - you can get them via Facebook

Twitter - @KingAndQueenOfS

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