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The Archivist Volume 2: Asia - Asia

Who would have thought it?

1980 - Bass guitar & vocalist John Wetton had been writing tunes with guitarist Steve Howe who had left YES. Then ex ELP drummer Carl Palmer and former YES/Buggles keyboard player Geoff Downes joined the new band ASIA.

Yes, who would have thought that the guys with such a Prog heritage would come up with one of the most tuneful and hit laden rock albums of the 80s? And I loved it!

Nobody expected this group of now aging rock musicians to reinvent themselves as an early 80s super-group.

The eponymous debut album by ASIA became of of the best selling albums of the 80s and revitalised AOR in the USA.

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The critics hated the album but the public supported it and ASIA went on to sell over 10 million copies. It was kicked off by the single Heat Of The Moment.

The album came with a Roger Dean cover and gave birth to 7 singles.

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The 'Classic' Line up of Wetton - Howe - Downes - Palmer - went on to release their next album in 1983 - ALPHA. 
Alpha contained 2 great hit singles.

This remained the last album completed by the classic line up until PHOENIX was released in 2008.

ASIA has, over the years, had 20 different members in the band and released 14 albums. But has never matched the sales figures of the debut release.

Their latest album - GRAVITAS was released this year by the classic line up minus Steve Howe who has retired from the band to concentrate on YES & other projects making way for young guitarist Sam Coulson.

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