Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Live in 2014: The Answer at The Globe, Cardiff, March 17th 2014

I don't go to that many ROCK gigs these days. It's not that I don't like a bit of hard rock but I was told by an ear consultant that any more hard rock gigs would make me deaf in my left ear, permanently. So, now I tend to listen to more acoustic music live. But, I HAD to make an exception for The Answer.

I've enjoyed the band ever since I got a copy of their first album Rise back in 2006. With celebrity fans including Zep's Jimmy Page and Def Leppard's Joe Elliott I was in good company. 

First up however was support band Black Wolf.

I must admit I was pretty impressed as they played a six song set featuring tracks from their debut album - The Hunt. They had tons of energy and got the crowd nicely warmed up for The Answer. I think they found some friends in Cardiff tonight and the merch stand looked busy after their set. A good night's work.

The Answer the took to the stage and showed why they are one of Rock's great attractions.

Paul, Mickey, James & Cormac gave a blistering live performance as they featured songs tonight from their latest release, New Horizon, released last year.

Now 4 albums into their career, the band have honed their live skills and have lived up to the promise of their first couple of album releases. 

The Answer have their own guitar hero in Paul Mahon who delighted the crowd with his playing and posing.

Lead vocalist Cormac Neeson had no problem getting the crowd on his side and is an outstanding live performer and front man. 

Seeing as it was St Patrick's Day, Cormac thought it was a good idea to offer some of the crowd a spot of Jameson's whiskey. If I wasn't driving I would have joined him, as I like a spot of whiskey.

And it was St Patrick's Day - so the boys slipped a Rory Gallagher track into the set. Nice touch.

Cormac even came down into the crowd for a bit of close up singing.

So, A Great Night had by all who were there. It was a fabulous way to spend a St Patrick's Day evening - with a bunch of loud Irish lads. And Cormac, you could have kept my hat if you wanted it :)

this pic of the Globe crowd courtesy of The Answer

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