Thursday, 2 January 2014

Songs In The Key Of MY Life: Annie Lennox - Into The West

I love a good film soundtrack. I think soundtracks have really become the new classical music of our times. I suppose the test is whether this music will last. I really believe that some of them will.

The best soundtrack over the last 50 years has been Howard Shore's soundtrack to The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. It's hard enough to produce one soundtrack but to write and record three is a tremendous feat.

And at the end of the last film in the Trilogy, The Return Of The King, comes a brilliant song called Into The West. It was written by Annie together with the films producer, Fran Walsh and composer Howard Shore. It actually won the Oscar for Best Original Song.

Howard Shore is a very clever guy. Throughout all three films he has woven tiny snippets of the song into the various themes of the characters and set pieces. So that by the time we finally hear the song right at the very end while the credits roll, we keep catching familiar phrases and notes.  Walsh And Lennox also included various phrases and words that had been spoken by the characters while still telling the end of the story. I remember seeing it in the cinema and watching people crying their eyes out after being put through the emotional wringer of the final movie. I was among them. After the emotional investment we had made for almost 10 hours, it was the least we could do!!

Annie's Oscar winning performance

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